College Media Business & Advertising Managers

CMBAM is a nonprofit membership organization for university student media groups that connects sales, marketing, design and management students — and  advisers — to support independent student journalism.

Member Resources

CMBAM members have access to a library of resources at any time to download and share with their staffs. The ever-growing collection has more than 50 resources on sales, social media, design, native advertising, special events and more.

CMBAM Benefits

Membership has its privileges.

CMBAM membership offers your organization the tools and resources to create success, innovate and thrive in the student media world.

Membership is organizational; when a publication or group joins CMBAM, all students and advisers on staff are considered members of CMBAM and will have access to all benefits offered by CMBAM.

You can join at any time, and your membership will be active for the current academic year.

Peer Learning network

Members benefit from the group knowledge of the CMBAM community. We plan, execute and innovate as a collaborative unit.

Awards, Honors & recognition

We showcase and celebrate the work our members do throughout the year — as well as recognize standout individual achievement.

Annual Convention & workshops

CMBAM members have the opportunity to meet, network and collaborate at a number of convention and workshop opportunities throughout the year. (may be impacted by COVID)

CMBAM Member Listserv

This communication space allows for the questions, answers and shared resources the CMBAM community is know for.

Quick-Start resource library

Through its member network, professional contacts and sponsor partners, we are always adding to our member resource library.

Professional and Peer networking & feedback

CMBAM offers members critical feedback through its listserv, online workshops & conventions, in-person critiques, and a variety of other member-engagement opportunities .

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