February 19:
Nominations open
March 4: Nominations close
March 6: Nominations announced & campaign period begins
March 20: Campaigning closes
March 23: Election opens for voting through Member 365
March 25: Election closes
March 26: Online runoff election if needed
March 30: Winners Announced
July 1: New BOD terms begins



Basic Requirements for Holding a Board Position

TERM: CMBAM Board of Directors members will begin their term on July 1, 2020.

BOARD RETREAT: All board members are required to attend the annual board retreat (which is part of the MEGA Workshop) from July 21-26 in Minneapolis, MN.

MEETINGS & COMMITTEES: Board members are expected to attend a weekly conference call, and additional committee meetings (as needed) for planning, programming, and strategic development.

TRAVEL & CONVENTIONS: Board members are expected to attend three conventions a year, the Fall ACP/CMA convention, the Spring CMBAM/ACP convention, and the Mega Workshop. The Programming & Events Director has additional travel requirements for convention site visits. CMBAM will cover all travel & lodging expenses related to these requirements.

ONGOING PROGRAMMING & CONTENT: Board members will collaborate with committees and CMBAM membership to create online webinars and training opportunities throughout the year.


One-Year Term, Then Takes Over President in Year Two

REQUIRED: Candidates for President-Elect must have completed at least one previous term on the CMBAM board in any capacity within the last 5 years.


  • The principal duties of the President-Elect shall be to learn the duties of the President; discharge the duties of the President in the event of her/his/their absence
  • Sits on the Executive Committee

  • Accept and discharge such special assignments as made by the President or the Executive Committee

  • Appoints the Audit Committee

  • Chairs the elections committee.

  • 1-year term

  • Other duties as assigned by the President.


Two-Year Term, Elected in Even Years

  • The principal duties of the Secretary/Treasurer shall be to systematically and safely keep such financial records, books, papers, legal documents, attendance records and documents pertaining to the business of the association as may be assigned by the Executive Committee.
  • Works with ACP to manage all funds pertaining to CMBAM; keep detailed financial records of approved budgets, annual budget proposals and year-end financial reports which shall be submitted to and reviewed by the Executive Committee; prepare an annual budget and submit it to the CMBAM Board of Directors for approval.

  • Works with ACP to coordinate billing member media organizations for dues; collecting member information sheets; developing yearly budgets and financial statements; filing appropriate tax forms; maintaining CMBAM’s permanent records; preparing and signing checks for payment of bills; handling convention financial planning; sends print and/or electronic membership invoices and membership certificates.

  • Sits on the Executive Committee

  • Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all CMBAM meetings

  • Prepare and distribute meeting agendas and minutes

  • Records and distributes minutes of all board and membership meetings, within ten (10) days of all meetings, and once approved places a copy of the approved minutes in the organizational archive.

  • Chair of the Budget Committee

  • Other duties as assigned by the President.

  • Two-year term, elected in the odd/even year.


Two-Year Term, Elected in Even Years

  • Creates and maintains any and all CMBAM websites and social media accounts.
  • Develops fresh, relevant content on all websites and social media accounts in conjunction with Student Representative.

  • Assists in the creation of press releases and other marketing initiatives.

  • Coordinates live tweeting and/or streaming of CMBAM events

  • Manages and maintains the CMBAM.org website (built on WordPress)

  • Two-year term

  • Other duties as assigned by the President.


One-Year Term

  • Engage with students during and months leading up to convention via social media and monthly newsletter.

  • Plan, budget, promote, and find a sponsor for a student event.

  • Gather emails of student attendees upon registration to begin communication of CMBAM announcements.

  • Recruit students for CMBAM Student Advisory Board and effectively communicate/delegate roles to bring more value to student involvement.

  • 1-year term

  • Other duties as assigned by the President.