College media Business & Advertising Managers




TERM: CMBAM Board of Directors members will begin their term on January 1, 2023. Programming-Elect is a one-year term that becomes Programming Director the following year. Student Director is a one-year term. All other director terms are two-years in length.

BOARD RETREAT: All board members are required to attend the annual board retreat (virtually) in late summer.

MEETINGS & COMMITTEES: Board members are expected to attend a weekly conference call, and additional committee meetings (as needed) for planning and strategic development.

TRAVEL & CONVENTIONS: Board members are expected to attend the annual CMBAM convention. CMBAM will cover all travel and lodging expenses related to these requirements.

ONGOING PROGRAMMING & CONTENT: Board members will collaborate with committees and CMBAM membership to create online webinars and training opportunities throughout the year.

Programming Director-Elect

The individual elected to this position will serve two years on the board, one year as programming director-elect and one year as programming director. The programming director-elect will work with the programming director on the following responsibilities.

  • Promotes, organizes and coordinates professional and technical development of members through workshops, events and informational programs
  • Attends and serve as co-coordinator of CMBAM annual convention, including venue, dates, content, and logistics, subject to board approval
  • Manages convention registration
  • Collaborates with programming committee
  • Develops and maintains programming related relationships with allied media organizations and product vendors


Two student directors will be elected to serve on the board for one-year terms. They will collaborate on the following responsibilities.

  • Engages with students throughout the year during and months leading up to convention via social media and
  • Serves on the Programming Committee.
  • Creates and maintains a directory of current students of member organizations
  • Gathers emails of student attendees upon registration to begin communication of CMBAM announcements and facilitate student Slack platform
  • Recruits students for, and serves as chair of, CMBAM Student Advisory Board and effectively communicates/delegates roles to bring more value to student involvement
  • Presents the “Issues Facing Student Managers” session at the annual convention
  • Contributes regular content to

Vice President of Membership

Two-year term

  • Responsible for the recruitment and retention of members and ensuring they receive benefits that exceed the value of their membership
  • Fulfills the duties of the President in the event of their absence
  • Meet with the membership committee to discuss and implement strategies to recruit and retain members
  • Implement programs and strategies to recruit new member organizations
  • Retain existing members through programs, benefits, and communication
  • Work with partners, vendors and sponsors to secure member-only benefits
  • Contact any past media organizations that have not renewed membership


Two-year term

  • Supervise all contest and awards activities including writing and revising contest rules, recruiting contest judges, and coordinating the award presentations at the annual convention
  • Recognize outstanding members throughout the year
  • Develop new ways to recognize and evolve CMBAM awards
  • Contribute content to