Q: Your Name?
A: Isabel Cambiaso

Q: At what school do you work?
A: California State University, Fullerton

Q: How long have you been in student media?
A: 2 years

Q: What are you most proud of at your current Student Media org?
A: I have brought in the most sales ever made at the Daily Titan and won the Daily Titan’s first few CMBAM Sales awards.

Q: What is a fun fact about you, your town, your University?
A: A fun fact about me is Seinfeld is my comfort show.

Q: What is your dream job after graduation?
A: My dream job after graduation is to work in finance for a record label. 

Q: What is your favorite snack on a road trip?
A: Honestly, I don’t have a favorite snack on a road trip… but the staple items are definitely a Cherry Icee, Limon Hot Cheetos, Cheez-Its, and Peanut M&Ms.