Q: Your Name?
A: Patty Cox

Q: At what school do you work?
A: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Q: How long have you been in student media?
A: I started January 24th –– after spending nearly 10 years at The Weather Channel, most recently as the editor-in-chief for digital, and more than 20 years at the Tampa Bay Times, where I was a managing editor.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in this new role at student media?
A: The opportunity to help students realize what’s possible. 

Q: What is a fun fact about you, your town, your University?
A: Me: I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 22 times.
Town: Springsteen hasn’t played Charlotte since 2014.
University: I’ve reconnected with a college pal who’s a professor here at UNC Charlotte. He’s one friend I have yet to see Springsteen with.
Media project you w

Q: What is a media project you would most like to pick someone’s brain about?
A: How to acclimate students to thinking and selling across brands.

Q: What is your favorite snack on a road trip?
A: Trail Mix