Q: Your Name?
A: Velyn Scarborough

Q: At what school do you work?
A: Oregon State University

Q: How long have you been in student media?
A: 4.5 years

Q: What are you most proud of at your current Student Media org?
A: The resilience of our students during COVID.  When students and professional staff were asked to work remote, our students used their critical thinking skills to find creative ways to keep journalism and broadcasting growing and support their remote teams.  When we transitioned back to in-person, the students quickly work to create welcoming environments, gave grace as people relearned how to connect in person and tackled stories that supported the student population in their transition to in-person.

Q: What is a fun fact about you, your town, your University?
A: Me: In college I led a group of 30 students to visit Japan over Spring break.

Corvallis: Corvallis was originally named Marysville but was renamed to Corvallis by Avery in 1853 to avoid confusion with Marysville, California. Avery is credited with coining the town ‘Corvallis’ a name which he made up by compounding the Latin words for ‘heart of the valley’

Oregon State University: OSU is only one of two universities in the US that has been honored with land, sea, space and sun grant designations.

Q: What is a media project you would most like to pick someone’s brain about?
A: How to set up a successful donation/endowment program to support student media.

Q: What is your favorite snack on a road trip?
A: Taco flavored Doritos