Q: Your Name?
A Laura Metcalf

Q: At what school do you work?
A: Louisiana State University

Q: How long have you been in student media?
A: 3 years

Q: What are you most proud of at your current Student Media org?
A: I am most proud of the students that work in my office. It is so rewarding to hear their ideas and see their visions come to life. Each year they continue to get better and better, and I love seeing that growth!

Q: What is a fun fact about you, your town, your University?
A: Every football National Championship game LSU has ever gone to has been played in New Orleans – including the time we went back in 1959! I have attended all of them (except for the one in 1959), as I am a proud graduate of the university. GEAUX TIGERS! LSU is in Louisiana’s capital city of Baton Rouge, which is home to the nation’s tallest state capitol. 

Q: What is a media project you would most like to pick someone’s brain about?
A: Graduation Issues – how do you sell ads to the parents?

Q: What is your favorite snack on a road trip?
A: Sour candy

Connect with Laura: lmetcalf1@lsu.edu